Allen sports bar says no harm intended with Caitlyn/Bruce bathroom signs

ALLEN -- Dodie's Place in Allen is learning a lesson in going viral.

The restaurant, in their words, added their "newest members" in August: a door-sized Bruce Jenner on the men's restroom and a door-sized Caitlyn Jenner on the women's.

It went widely unnoticed outside their doors for nearly three months, but not anymore!

Dodie's Place says they're getting interview requests from across the country and as far away as South Korea as people debate whether this was a funny sports bar talker or a distasteful, or even transphobic, stunt.

They told us it was nothing more than recognizing Jenner's past identity as a man and her present one as a woman instead of the traditional men's and women's signs.

They added on Facebook:

(Courtesy: Dodie's Place Facebook)

The comments ranged anywhere between thinking the new pictures are hilarious, to being confused by them, and to being disgusted by them.

Dodie's Place has no plan to flush the blown up Bruce or the copy of Cait, so let the conversation continue.