Thanksgiving 2017: Bring cash, it’s $30 a plate this year!

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These days, anyone can throw down a basic Thanksgiving dinner, slap it together, add a pretty filter and post it on Instagram. But, when it comes to a real turkey day spread, it takes a pro and it costs money!

You know what we mean when we say real spread! All the fixings and more.

So, it's no surprise that it can get pricey, but would you pay $30 for Thanksgiving dinner?

Well, at this get together your bag of ice and plates don't count.  We're talking cold hard cash for a meal you may have always eaten for free in the past.

The debate started when Black&Sexy TV posted this question on twitter:

And let's just say - it was heated on both sides of the issue!

One person tweeted:

Another person tweeted:

Now $30 a plate does seem pretty steep. Especially since the average cost of the whole Thanksgiving dinner spread was $50 in 2016, according to Business Insider. Of course, that's the cost without adult beverages.

So whether you fork over the money or not, the real question may be, are tips included?




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