SPCA rescues starving dogs from Hunt County home

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HUNT COUNTY-  SPCA investigators made a horrible discovery at a house in Hunt County.

They found hungry dogs chained to trees and fences, rescuing 19 animals in total.

"The animals consisted of nine dogs (pit bull mixes) and 10 chickens," said Maura Davies from the SPCA of Texas. "The animal's conditions were dire."

They didn't have enough food, and investigators said all of the dogs they found appeared to be emaciated with their ribs and hip bones protruding.

Several of them had open sores.

"One dog in particular has several tumors," Davies said. "They were all put on the end of chains that we tied to various things on the property."

Officials say a mother and son are connected to the property where the animals were found. Animal cruelty charges could be coming soon.

"When we got a look at what was going on, we knew the animals needed help immediately," Davies said.

A custody hearing for all of the animals is going down next week.

"At this point we're just going to continue providing everything the animals need medically as well as a lot of tender love and care until that custody hearing," Davies said.


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