Are the Rangers and Astros bitter rivals or Texas family?

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HOUSTON — So the Houston Astros are World Series champs Are the Rangers responsible?

After all, it was former Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish who got rocked in Game 7 to give Houston the win.

Of course, when the Dodgers traded for Yu back in July, they didn’t expect him to meltdown not once but twice in the World Series, but still, are Astros fans grateful today that Texas set it all up?

“Thank you Rangers, we love you for that,” one Astros fan said. “I felt so bad for the guy that they took him out in the second inning, but you know, when you’re not doing well, you gotta go.”

Back up in North Texas, the city of Dallas showed some love for the Astros win, lighting up the Omni with their name, but a lot of Rangers fans weren’t cool with that at all.

After all, the Rangers and Astros are bitter division rivals now, who have had their share of bench clearing brawls, so maybe there isn’t much call for Lone Star love. Hey, you won’t catch any Aggies fans saying “Hook ‘em Horns!” or Mavs fans chanting “Go Spurs Go!”

Still, some ‘Stros fans say they’d do the same.

“If the Rangers were in the World Series we’d be rooting for them, because we’ve got to stick together, it’s Texas,” another Houston fan said.

Guess we’ll find out if that’s true if the Rangers ever make it back to the Fall Classic.

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