NYC terror attack suspect reportedly bragging about it from hospital bed

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The suspect in the terror attack in New York is reportedly bragging about it from his hospital bed.

Sayfullo Saipov is a  29-year-old native of Uzbekistan.

"It appears that Mr. Saipov had been planning this for a number of weeks. He did this in the name of ISIS," said deputy commissioner John Miller.

We still don't know whether he has a direct connection to ISIS, or if he was operating on his own.

Of the eight people killed yesterday, 5 were friends from Argentina who were celebrating their 30th high school reunion.

The situation turned political quickly.

President Trump is slamming Democrats for immigration policies he says led to the attack.

" We don't want lotteries where the wrong people are in the lotteries. And guess what. Who are the suckers that get those people?" Trump said.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Gov. Andrew Cuomo quickly fired back.

"This is a tragedy" Schumer said. "It's less than a day than after it occurred and he can't refrain from his nasty, divisive habits."

"This is not a time to point fingers,  it's a time to come together," Cuomo said.

Here's something to unite us:

NYPD police officer Ryan Nash is the hero in all of this.

The young New York cop is the one who shot and captured the attacker.

His neighbors on Long Island are proud, even if they didn't know him personally.

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