Legends of Tomorrow S03 E03: Air v. Water and Seattle’s police state in 2042

Hello my Legends Legionaries! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

The newest Legend debuts! It's Zari Tomaz based on DC Comics character Isis!

Our Legend's travel to Seattle 2042 after Sarah intercepts a message from Time Bureau agent Gary. Gary was sent after the bureau detected unregulated time travel - and It's Vixen villain and water witch Kuasa! She's after the same air totem that Zari's after.

2042 Seattle has become a police state with ARGUS enforcing anti-metahuman laws and even experimenting on those captured meta-humans. So Zari tricks our Legends into a break of ARGUS to steal back the amulet her own brother had been using to fight ARGUS.

Once in possession of the amulet, Zari flees leading to show down with Kuasa - it's water versus air giving me all the Avatar Bending. And the amulet is revealed as a totem, an air totem.

Once our Amaya recognizes the connection and the similarities with her own animal totem she convinces Zari to join the Legends of Tomorrow.

Time traveler Kuasa however flees using her own totem while Sarah fends of a confrontation with the Time Bureau's Ava Sharpe.

Anyone else wondering if the tension between Agent Sharpe and Sarah is meant to be more that platonic?

Next episode is giving me some Stranger Things vibes with the Legends traveling back to 1988 to save young Ray Palmer from an extraterextial! E.T.!

It's your Halloween episode so pass out all the candy, turn out the porch light and settle in for the newest Legends of Tomorrow, Phone Home!

Photography by Rueben Gonzales