Homeless man taking cross-country urban dog sled journey (For real!)

FORT WORTH -- "Yah! Get 'em, mama! Get 'em, papa!"

Georgie Cutright and his dogs Lobos and Sara make their trek across the country. (Courtesy Georgie Cutright)

And off they ran. Two Siberian Huskies pulling a rigged together sled headed down Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth Tuesday. Sitting on top was a man who isn't Forrest Gump, but he's gaining followers and friends across the country like he is.

They have the same long beard and worn out shoes, but Georgie Cutright isn't running or even walking across the country.

This urban dog sled driver's riding in style, and he's being pulled along by his two best friends, Sara and Lobos.

Georgie Cutright said one of his favorite sites so far was seeing the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium. (Courtesy Georgie Cutright)

You might be about ready to ask a simple question.


"God actually told me to do this. It came on me in my heart," is the simple version from Cutright.

A homeless man for quite some time and a recently converted man of faith, Georgie decided to listen to the calling. It was a chance to showcase two of his passions.

"I like to raise awareness for rescue dogs and homeless people," he said. "I'm homeless, and my dogs are rescues. I like to show people that anybody can do anything."

And "anything" includes risking your life being pulled by two dogs while standing on a lawn chair longboard! Though we'll admit the new board (custom-made by G&B Boat Repair in Overton, TX) is MUCH safer than the stock longboard he started with!

The goal is to make a more than 2,000 mile journey from Knoxville, TN, to Venice Beach in California. His favorite spot so far? It won't surprise a lot of DFW locals!

"I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, so going by AT&T Stadium was pretty cool for me," he said.

At a 10-20 mile per day pace, it's slow and steady all the way to Cali, and he hopes to finish by April.

Mush on, gang!

You can follow Georgie, Sara, and Lobos' journey on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/georgie.cutright