Football Fright: Zeke loses court case, set to serve six game suspension

FRISCO, TX — The Cowboys got their greatest Halloween scare: Ezekiel Elliott lost his court case and is now officially suspended. Yeah, the star running back is out for the next 6 games, barring some last second legal miracle. The NFLPA did in fact file an emergency motion with the court for another injunction but it was promptly denied. Now they’ll probably go to the Second Circuit Court, but the odds there seem slim.

This morning on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones tore into Roger Goodell for his handling of this case, blaming the commissioner’s previous mistakes with domestic violence cases for him “overreacting” to Zeke’s case, where he was never charged with a crime.

To make this crazy case even murkier, the judge that just ruled in this case is married to a lawyer John Failla. He is a partner at the Proskauer law firm, which in 2011 represented the NFL in the collective bargaining agreement negotiations, the same agreement that has now railroaded Zeke.

An interesting set of connections.

But away from the courts and on the field, the Boys hope they’re prepared for Elliott’s absence, with Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden and Rod Smith now set to carry the ball for a team during a crucial playoff push.

When Dallas next sees Zeke, it’ll be December 17th and there will only be three games left. If the Cowboys let this suspension really beat them, there might not be anything left to play for.