Sex for a Beanie Baby? One woman got arrested for it!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- People get arrested for stupid things all the time, but one Florida woman takes the cake on this one!

51-year old Karen Robinson was arrested after hopping into an undercover officer's car, and know what, in exchange for $5 and a Beanie Baby!

We couldn't believe it either! Something else we were curious about: did the officer actually have a beanie baby in the car, or was it just a random request? Well, either police don't know, or they're not saying!

To Robinson's credit, the right beanie baby can probably sell for a couple thousand dollars, but come on. Beanie Babies haven't been a thing since the 90s!

Robinson was charged with prostitution,  something she denies! After her arrest, she was eventually released. Let's hope she uses her new found freedom to get a beanie baby the right way. By buying it online for less than ten Washington's!