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Gummy bear company accused of slave labor & animal cruelty

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Halloween is just days away, so you know what's on everyone's mind.

But what we're about to tell you may make you ditch the gummy bears.

A new German documentary claims gummy bears maker Haribo is linked with a company based in Brazil that allegedly uses slave labor to make the little treats.

According to the documentary "Haribo Check" workers at the plant in Brazil aren't allowed water or restroom breaks.

They're allegedly forced to work a month straight without seeing their families.

And are only paid 12 dollars a day!

They're also accused of working with farms that abuse pigs to produce some of the gummy bears ingredients.

Well, Haribo is now launching an investigation and said in a  statement, "should it transpire that urgent improvements are needed in this area, we will insist their implementation and will not rest until these improvements have been implemented."

Sounds like this gummy business is turning into a sticky situation.

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