Daylight Savings: New England wants it gone!

New Englanders have had it with Daylight Saving Time and want in on a new time zone.

Earlier this year, Donna Bailey, a representative from Maine, supported a bill that would move the state from Eastern Time Zone to the Atlantic Time Zone; an hour ahead of where they're at now.

Why? Well, in the winter after turning the clocks back, New England residents can watch the sun go down as early as 4 o ' clock!

But not so fast! Changing things up might cause a little chaos. If New England moves to Atlantic Time, the U.S. goes from four to five time zones and that's a bigger problem than a 4 o'clock sunset.

Yet, there's still hope for the people on the east coast. If Massachusetts and New Hampshire join the no time change movement, the bill has a high possibility of passing.

Until that happens, we'll keep watching the time!