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Big Tex Urban Farms donates literally a TON of produce to Dallas communities!

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DALLAS - The state fair may be over, but at least one fair-funded project is pushing forward and growing like a weed!

"We grow produce that we donate to the local community," says Drew Demler with Big Tex Urban Farms, "through a couple of different organizations that are doing things like helping feed the homeless and working with diabetics just trying to have impact on the hunger problems down here."

Demler and a small team started Big Tex Urban Fams about a year and a half ago, and deliver the produce all year round.

"We started with 100 of the mobile grow boxes and by the end of the year we had over 6000 vegetables that we donated," says Demler. "The response was overwhelming, we realized we needed to do more so this year we expanded to 529 of those mobile grow boxes."

Donating more than a ton of produce to date, but they`re branching out in other ways too, using something called: hydroponics.

"The hydroponic tank is full of water, we add nutrients to the water and then we also oxygenate the water," says Demler. "Since we`re not using soil, we`re just giving water everything it needs and away we go."

The old saying fits perfectly, "give a man a fish and he`ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he`ll eat for a lifetime."

Well, Urban Farms is now donating mobile grow boxes to the organizations feeding the homeless!

"We`re farming farms we like to say," says Demler. He says they're happy with the progress they've made but still so much more needs to be done.

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