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Arrow S06 E02: That Oliver as Arrow photo turned out to be #FakeNews!

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

Well that was quick! After last episode’s channel 52 reveal that an anonymous photo given to them shows Mayor Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow costume, Felicity and Curtis through digital photo decoding something discover it’s a fake.

But we do get an awesome new character FBI special Agent Samanda Watson.

She was busting chops left and right. And even though Oliver is exonerated by the end of the episode by Team Digital, Agent Watson promises to continue her investigation. 

Probably the most honest question of all, ever asked in a comic or comic TV show was Curtis asking what the team did for jobs.

Real talk. Not every super-hero vigilante is a wealthy playboy.

He also reveals he has a secret side coding job. So Felicity asks “Sql or Java?” Huh? come on tv writers writing Felicity dialogue. SQL? Are you banging out those Arrow scripts in an older backend database language? No. And neither is Curtis

I digress. This episode is also the reappearance of Anatoly! And not in flashbacks!

This episode moved so smoothly without the serialized flashbacks interrupting the main plot tension! Anatoly returns demanding money from Oliver by kidnapping Markovian business investors. When he doesn’t get his way Anatoly shoots the main Markovian anyway. He also tells Oliver he didn’t frame him with the doctored photo sent to Channel 52.

We close with Felicity and Curtis establishing their own tech company - “Think of all the cool stuff we could make!” Not in SQL.

And Oliver after a heart to heart with his son William turning over Green Arrow duties to John Diggle.

But wait! Diggle revealed to Dinah he has degenerative nerve damage! That’s why he’s been unable to use his gun in battle. Uh-oh. This can’t end well

 It’s a test for John Diggle the new Green Arrow in the next Arrow “Next of Kin!"

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