Wanted: 1,000 new Delta flight attendants, but uh… the salary is low

ATLANTA -- Are you looking to work while traveling the country, and possibly the world? Well, Delta Airlines wants to give you that opportunity.

The company announced Monday that it's  looking to hire more than 1,000 flight attendants for 2018.

The airlines says it received more than 100,000 applications last year. Less than one percent of the applicants were selected.

So yeah, it's pretty competitive.

But you might want to think twice before hitting submit. The starting salary is around $25,000.

And it gets worse.

SimplyHired.com says some airline flight attendants can start as low as $14,000.

The website says the average salary for flight attendants is around $31,000.

That's lower than the average American's salary, which is around $41,000.

Their shifts can last up to 14 hours and they're sometimes forced to deal with unpleasant passengers.

Sure, it comes with great flying benefits for the entire family, but is it worth it?

We're not sure about that, but next time, just be sure to be nice to your flight attendants.