Riverdale S02 E02: A blackmailing Betty, the Lodge’s are probably mobsters, and Archie needs underwear

Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Okay let’s get the scoreboard out. We’ve got drug users, a pyro, a blackmailing betty, a gang leader, a criminal business man, drug dealing football captain, a bribing news reporter, a child predator, a potential serial killer – is Riverdale a show about terrible people doing terrible things? Okay. Cool!

In this episode Archie and the gang learn about the murder of Mrs. Grundy and Betty holds a charity event to save Pop’s Chok’lit shop which is facing closure from the bad press surrounding the Fred Andrews shooting.

The major points to remember:

First Cheryl lies under oath to to get Jughead’s dad FP a lighter sentence. Her motivation? Blackmail from Betty.

Cheryl lies in exchange for a flashdrive Betty has with the video proof Cheryl’s dad Clifford murdering her brother Jason

Second, criminal business man Hiram Lodge saves Pop’s Choklit shoppe at the end of the episode if only to manipulate his daughter Veronica. Oh and Hermione lies about that letter too. Giving us the sense that the Lodge parental units are indeed mob like villains.

Finally Archie’s paranoia over the masked gunman returning leads him to obtain a gun from Dilton. My suspicion is something more happened at Sweetwater River with Mrs. Grundy than he’s letting on.

Obligatory skin warning. After spending the episode up all night worried about the returning gunman, I was taken aback Archie would open the door in just jeans sans t-shirt and underwear. Not that anyone’s complaining.

But when I’m wandering around the house in my bra and panties I’m not thinking about answering the door.

Oh and I love me some Josie and the pussy cats but that cover of Milkshake was more bubblegum and less shake. My bubble gum brings all the boys the yard and their like smack and pop and I’m like let’s save Pop's. Eh.

We end the episode with the deaths of Midge and Moose high on Jingle Jangle while making out down by the river. Very Zodiac killer! And our preview dials up the terror as the now named “Black Hood” warns “My Wrath is the Price of your Lies!”

Plus it’s the return of Barb! I mean Ethyl! As Archie takes matters into his own hands in the next new Riverdale “Watcher in the Woods!”