Why fans think Justin ‘owes’ Janet his Super Bowl LII halftime performance

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- It's official like a ref with a whistle, or in this case, suit and tie!

Justin Timberlake will take the stage for Super Bowl LII's Halftime Show. While a lot of his fans are ready for the pop-legend to rock their bodies, others are crying a river about it.

Well, it's mainly the Janet fans who think JT shouldn't be allowed to perform if she allegedly can't!

You know the story!

Back in 2004, both stars took the field for one of the hottest performances ever! Things really got steamy when her breast popped out. From the audience's point-of-view, it seemed like Justin intentionally pulled off Janet's top to expose her.

There's all kinda theories surrounding the so-called "Nipple-Gate." According to Justin, it was all a "wardrobe malfunction".

Either way, Miss Jackson was painted to be the nasty one. There were so many complaints including an FCC  fine and rumors that Janet was blackballed by the NFL and excluded from the 2004 Grammy's.

When word was confirmed that JT would bring sexy back to the field the Twitter-verse went off!

Well don't be so quick to judge, people! Sources have confirmed Janet was never banned from the NFL.

For all we know, JT could bring Janet, Jay Z, NSYNC, and Britney to the stage!

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