Watch out Trump! IF Mark Cuban runs in 2020 it’ll be as a Republican

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DALLAS-- It's kind of hard to imagine what the 2020 election will look like. So far, we've had Kanye, Oprah, and The Rock flirt with the idea of running.

Well, what about Dallas' Mark Cuban?

In a recent interview with Fox News Channel,  the businessman said he's seriously considering seeking the presidency in 2020.

"You need somebody who can connect to people and relate to people, and I think I qualify on each of those," he explained.

Mark also made it clear that he'd run as a Republican, which would put him up against President Trump. The last election sort of proved that a political background doesn't mean much for a seat in the White House. With that being said, Mark might give the Donald a run for his money.


Trump wouldn't be able to really brag about his reported $3.1 billion dollar net worth because Cuban reportedly comes in with a  net worth of $3.3 billion.

Trump owns hotels, golf courses, and other grand properties. Cuban owns cinemas, a cable network, and an entire NBA team! Not to mention, he's built his financial success from the ground up, while Trump inherited much of his.

Politically speaking, with Cuban's unofficial Republican bid, he and Trump might agree on a lot of the same "views."

But if you're talking about social issues like the National Anthem controversy -- Cuban actually supports athletes who want to #TakeAKnee, while Trump constantly condemns it!

Before you jump off the Trump train and into the Cuban caravan, he's got to make things "official" first!