Neighbors respond to body found near Sherin Mathews’ home

RICHARDSON -- Some have searched since the beginning, scouring every blade of grass looking for Richardson three-year-old, Sherin Mathews.

"We have just been participating in the searches for Sherin, gathering here," Kelly Brasher told NewsFix Monday. "We’re seeking answers, as everyone else is.”

Others had the case brought to them Sunday afternoon.

“They had tape all across Spring Valley and Bowser, all the way down to Centennial, and we were unable to even get back to the house,” said Richardson's Ivan Hill.

No matter the case, the feelings of mourners at two makeshift memorials in Richardson was mutual Monday.

“I just feel so helpless and sad that the worst is about to come true, and I wanted to come here and spend some time,” Sanjay Varghese said, standing next to the original memorial.

That memorial for the three-foot-tall, 22 pound Sherin, has been growing for two weeks next to the tree where her father said he left her. That was the last time she was seen.

Now, though, a second one grows less than half mile down the train track from the Mathews home at the spot where a young child's body was found Sunday.

That walk down the tracks is troubling for searchers.

“It was a difficult walk for two adults," Brasher said. "We’ve had people ask do we feel like Sherin wandered there on her own, and I personally do not.”

Even more upsetting to them is the fact that the family has had no involvement in or comment on search efforts.

“You don’t have parents speaking out, pleading, looking for their child?" Brasher asked. "It’s very heartbreaking.”

We should know soon if this child's body is definitely Sherin Mathews. Until then, the memorials and the speculation continue to grow.