Justin Timberlake to perform at Super Bowl half-time

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Multiple Grammy-winning artist Justin Timberlake is headlining the Super Bowl Pepsi half-time show. He made the announcement on Twitter Sunday night in a comedy sketch with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

"Excuse me sir, do you have the time?''

"I was going to ask you, sir, if you have the time," retorts Fallon.

Timberlake responds, "I do have the time."

The silly exchange continues with Fallon asking, "You DO have the time?" until he finally gets to "You're doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl?!"

This is Timberlake's first time headlining the show since 2004, after a 'wardrobe malfunction' on stage with Janet Jackson.

Super Bowl 52 will be held in Minneapolis on February 4, 2018.