Samaritan’s Feet gives 2,000 Dallas kids free shoes on the spot!

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DALLAS -- Giving soles to help souls!

Volunteers from all over North Texas stepped in with Samaritan's Feet to help kids put their best foot forward.

Pastor of Impact Church and Samaritan's Feet, Dr. Kwesi Kamau described to NewsFix what the nonprofit is all about.

"Samaritan's Feet was started about 14 years ago with a vision to put 10 million shoes on 10 million children's feet over a 10 year period. We have now moved forward with about 7 million shoes that have now been placed on children's feet all over the world," Dr. Kwesi Kamau told NewsFix. "We sit down and we basically share with the child "What is your dream? What is your name? Then what we do is we take their shoes and socks off and we wash their feet, just like what Jesus did, and we put on a brand new pair of shoes."

Dr. Kamau and the founder, CEO, and President of Samaritan's Feet, Manny Ohomme, both said that even though it's all about the kiddos, the volunteers get a lot out of it, too.

"When we do this work, we're not simply providing shoes, we're providing hope," Dr. Kamau said. "These children are the great leaders of today and tomorrow. They have so much power, they have so much potential, and all we want to do today is lift that up."

Ohomme explained, "We don't want to just come here, provide them products, and just give them a pair of shoes, but we want to spend time with them, dignify them, show what it means to truly serve them."

It's not just about washing away the dirt and grime either.

"We want to wash away all of the injustice, the things that you think are trying to hold you back," Ohomme said.

Dr. Kamau added, "We want to have some kind of influence to make sure that they are encouraged along their way to their dreams."