Crazy Cowboys Fan: Dallas cop becomes ‘Ballz Mahoney’ on game day!

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FRISCO, TX — From his boots to his helmet, Jaime Castro is about as decked out a Cowboys fan as you can be, and every game day he transforms into “Ballz Mahoney”!

“I said I gotta make sure I truly, truly represent, show my true feelings, show that I bleed blue and this is what I’ve come up with,” Castro said.

He’s become a legend out at the tailgate scene. The name comes from his wrecking ball helmet, and Mahoney, one of the characters from “Police Academy”. It’s that second part that’s key, because when Castro takes off one blue uniform he just puts on another.

“When I’m not dressed up in my gear, I’m out there serving the community,” said Castro. “Getting out there, doing our part to make sure everybody stays safe and gets to come home to their families.”

Yeah, he’s a 20 year vet with Dallas PD. And, whether he’s rocking his police uniform or his Cowboys jersey, he’s all about giving back to the community.

“The best part is meeting the fans, that’s my absolute favorite, meeting the fans, seeing the reactions of the kids,” Castro said. “I like to hand out stickers to see their reaction to get something from ‘Ballz Mahoney’ and just taking pictures with everybody, putting a smile on everybody’s face regardless of what happens on the field.”

So no matter which star Castro is repping, he stands for everything that’s best about Big D!

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