So why are we paying tolls if the Tollway is shut down this weekend?

NORTH TEXAS - Drivers in North Texas have probably noticed some big slowdowns on major highways recently, and this weekend you can expect some more.

"This weekend specifically," says North Texas Tollway Authority Public Relations Manager, Anjelica Solano, "the Dallas North Tollway from Spring Creek Parkway all the way to Sam Rayburn Tollway will be completely shut down."

Nope, the traffic you're seeing - and might see - isn't Cramer from Seinfeld painting the white dotted line black.

"This region in blooming which is fantastic especially along that corridor Sam Rayburn Tollway and Dallas North Tollway," says Solano. "Every three minutes somebody new is moving to the region, and we're doing our part to keep those people moving."

But some aren't too happy with the consequences of construction.

"Getting from north to south sometimes takes an hour," says Robert who travels the North Texas area, "it's pretty bad."

"The money is worth less stress, but not when it's in construction, that sucks," says Effie who recently started driving on the toll roads. "It would be awesome if they didn't charge tolls why you were doing construction, that's crazy."

Which brings up a good point - why do you still have to pay tolls with all the construction  and closures? We asked the ntta about that.

"We cannot thank our customers enough for their patience at this time," says Solano, "we know that nobody likes construction but unfortunately it is necessary not only for today but the future betterment of our region."

While many find the construction hard to deal with - others are a little bit more understanding.

"I love the tollways," says Texas driver, Abbi, "but I just think sooner or later constructions got to be over."

"It's the construction," says Robert, "everyone's trying to get to the same place at the same time, during the morning rush hour  so it can be a little, test your patience in a sense."

So, will extra lanes across Sam Rayburn Tollway, President George Bush Tollway, and  be worth it down the road?

"I hope so," says Abbi.

'I hope so," agrees Robert.

"I've seen places where they've made it better," says Effie, "and it's awesome, but you still have to pay, so..."

Guess for now you'll just have to hurry up - and wait!