Nivea under fire for ad promoting skin lightening in Africa

AFRICA -- It wasn't too long ago that Dove soap dished out a seemingly racist ad and now another body care brand is getting dirty looks.

Check out this billboard all the way in Africa -- courtesy of Nivea. It advertises a "lightening" cream for "visibly fairer skin."

The commercial appears worse. The woman rubs on the lotion and her skin magically turns "fairer."

Customers have spotted the same billboard in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. All of which reportedly have many women who "bleach" their skin to appear lighter.

In true Twitter fashion, many have openly expressed how wrong it is for Nivea to blatantly promote "colorism."

People have started the #pullitdown to get Nivea's attention.

But other's don't see it in the same light.

Well, this isn't the German company's first slip up. Earlier this year, they released this skincare campaign: