Riverdale S02 E01: Was Archie the hitman’s intended victim?

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Hello Riverdale class of 2018! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

How do you top a season long murder mystery?

With an attempted robbery that may in fact have been a hit... eh?

Last season’s ender with Fred Andrews shot and this episodes opener with the possibility that it may have been a botched whack job didn't feel like enough to drive an new season. I mean every season can't be a season long murder mystery because there'd be no one left in Riverdale.

However, as the episode unfolds we get a deepening mystery propelled in part by the return of Hiram Lodge and his probably shady business dealings.

Plus after Cheryl Blossom torched Maple Farms leaving her mom in the hospital with third degree burns, Cheryl makes a threat: Don't tell the truth about who set the fire, mommy, or she'll reveal what really happened in the barn with daddy’s supposed suicide.

Did Cheryl torch the house to hide evidence like the drugs, meth or as sheriff Keller calls it the jingle jangle?

I'm betting there's more to Jason/Clifford Blossom story as Hiram Lodge returns and Jughead gets more cozy with the Southside Serpents.

It's our end of episode that really cinches this season plot as our green eyed, hitman murders Jennifer Gibson, our fake Mrs. Grundy and Archie's former student/teacher liaison.

Was Archie the hitman's intended victim? Does this tie back to Archie and Mrs. Grundy river rendezvous?

The most bonkers moments of Riverdale are what really keep me coming back like:

Cheryl kissing on an unconscious Fred Andrews.

Hermione being upset about Veronica using Cristal in her mimosas and not the fact that her underage daughter is drinking.

Alice's wack confrontation to Betty about Betty and Jughead sleeping/not sleeping together with Betty's admission to mom that she wanted to.

Veronica sending sad Archie to the shower then joining in because, hey. I would.

And Archie crying. Because Cut the music. In all seriousness  - real gingers don't cry.

Up next our episode two ups the mystery, with our hitman still on the loose as Mrs Grundy's murder is revealed to the students.

Plus more Hiram, the return of Jughead's Dad FP and my faves Josie and the Pussycats. And did Betty threaten Cheryl in our trailer. Ooooo!

It's an all new Riverdale - Nighthawks!