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The Flash S04 E01: Barry’s prison break, Samuroid, and The Thinker!

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Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

I lived for the ending of this premiere! It was so comic book!

Yeah that ending last season with Barry going into the speed force prison to keep the time storm from destroying Central City? Well it doesn't last long with Cisco developing the tech to get him out.

Not that we need Barry - Team Iris seemed just fine taking on the cities threats for the six months Barry was gone!

At least until the "samuroid" appeared demanding the Flash!

With Barry having come back all scrambled and traunatized from his speed force imprisonment, Iris takes a risk that allowing herself to be captured by the Samuroid will awaken our Barry. And it does ending with this fantastic chase sequence through a wind farm!

Oh and they kept it secret in the promos, but Caitlyn was quick to rejoin the Flash Squad after a plea from Cisco.

This was a remarkable calm Caitlyn seemingly having battled her Killer demons. Well, until towards the end she puts the freeze on a goon in a bar. That baddy does reveal Caitlyn during her time has been working with Amunet Black.

Look for this villain played by Katee Sackoff later this season!

There was more to our episode one villain the samuroid than at first revealed. Our ending gives us both the Mechanic, a tech based criminal and the creepy Thinker!

Both were behind the manipulation of the Flash squad to bring Barry back the present. Those visuals and villainy were straight from a comic Flash. Okay Season four Flash - I'm all in!

The next episode gives us and out of control new Flash suit, a meta who can control technology plus the return of Vixen!

It's an all new Flash in Mixed Signals!

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