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Gregg Popovich calls Trump a ‘soulless coward’ following deaths of 4 soldiers

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San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has never been shy when it came to criticizing President Trump, and his latest comments may be the harshest yet.

According to Dave Zirin of "The Nation," Popovich called him Monday to vent after President Trump attempted to defend his lack of public statements following the deaths of four U.S. soldiers in Niger.

It was the deadliest combat incident involving U.S. troops since trump took office.

The soldiers died on October 4th and Trump indicated he had not called their families yet.

"If you look at President Obama and other presidents most of them didn't make calls, a lot of them didn't make calls," Trump said. "I like to call when it's appropriate when I think I'm able to do it. They have made the ultimate sacrifice. So generally I would say that I like to call. I'm going to be calling them, I want a little time to pass. I'm going to be calling them."

Several former White House aides have refuted Trump's claims about President Obama not reaching out to Gold Star families.
Popovich , who served in the Air Force, called Zirin sometime after Trump's remarks and said in part,

"This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward who thinks that he can only become large by belittling others. This has of course been a common practice of his, but to do it in this manner, and to lie about how previous presidents responded to the deaths of soldiers is as low as it gets. We have a pathological liar in the White House."

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