WATCH: Mom scares son with this surprisingly creepy toy!

Already shopping for toys to put under this year's Christmas tree?! Well, here's one you might want to leave on store shelves.

First, it's cuddly and cute. Then it goes from 0 to 100 -- quickly!

This viral video was posted by one mom who apparently bought the unicorn for her kids! Long story short: it scared the hell out of her son!

The video has gotten over a million hits and a lot of feedback! Some people called her a bad mom for pulling a prank like this on the little guy. She says it was all fun and games and her son ended up laughing off his tears.

Just in case you do want a toy like this for your kid--- we found them at Walmart. They're called feisty pets!

But you've been warned: you may not get the parent of the year award!