Louisiana sheriff wants to keep “good” inmates for free labor

CADDO PARISH, LA -- A sheriff in Louisiana is furious about non-violent inmates getting early release, because he needs them to "wash cars, to change oil in our cars."


"They are a necessary evil to keep the doors open," Sheriff Steve Prator of Caddo Parish said. "In addition to the bad ones... they're releasing some good ones that we use everyday to wash cars, to change oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen to do all that where we save money."

From the ACLU to social media, many say his remarks sound a lot like slavery.

The sheriff went on the rant during a press conference while discussing Louisiana's new prisoner release program that goes into effect November 1st. It's set up to save the state more than $260 million over the next decade by slowly releasing non-violent offenders. About 1,400 will reportedly walk free by the end of the year.

While a now viral tweet from writer and activist Shaun King referenced "keeping good black men in jail," Prator released a statement pointing out he never said anything about race.

The Governor of Louisiana is expected to meet with Prator later this week to discuss his controversial comments.