Bodycam video shows dramatic California wildfire rescue

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NAPA, CA -- Chilling body cam video shows two deputies racing through flames and smoke to save a woman from the California wildfires.

The officers in the video can be heard saying, "She's disabled." "Alright let me get her feet, let me get her feet."

It's a nightmare as a sea of flames swallows up wine country. The fireballs that ignited last Sunday are to blame for at least 36 deaths and have burned more than 5,000 homes to the ground.

"This is the most terrifying thing you know. We have nothing. I just don't even know how to process it all," Britney Keirsey tearfully described.

"I had a deputy come down saying "I've never seen a fire move like that. It was unbelievable. We had to get off the hill or we were going to get burned up,'" Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano said.

Firefighters in Napa County are finally starting to get the upper hand. Napa County Fire Chief Barry Bierman said, "We're making great progress throughout this entire fire. Resources are coming in and actually through all of our fires, we're starting to make progress."

Some evacuees have even been able to return home, but ash and soot are all that's left.

However, Sheriff Giordano says anything can happen, "I have to get people to understand this is a dangerous event. It is not over, stay away from the houses, and understand the severity of what this fire can do."

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