You can finally buy a Rugrats Reptar Bar! But not for long…

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IRVING - It's the moment Tommy Pickles was preparing us for...Reptar Bars are finally here!

"We started getting a bunch of response around here," said Daniel DeLeon from FYE where the bars are being exclusively sold.

Back in the day, Reptar Bars were the holy grail of candy on the TV show Rugrats. Earlier this week, the bars finally dropped in real life.

"Every time you open a box, it's crazy, it's like childhood memories," DeLeon said. "If you hit nostalgia, everybody's going to respond to it."

And you don't even have to ask, Reptar Bars live up to the hype that Angelica always promised-and they'll turn your tongue green.

"I liked it," DeLeon said.

The bars are already getting wiped off the shelves and some are being re-sold at more than 5 times the original price.

Several FYE locations are selling out fast, but you can still pre-order more before the bars are gone for good in November.

And word on the street is, a Reptar Cereal is dropping next week.

You'd better hurry before you're out here looking like a dumb baby!

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