Flight 666 to HEL takes off for the last time on Friday the 13th

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Traveling can be a great experience depending on where you`re going and when.

But would you dare make Friday the 13th a little  spookier by taking a trip to hell?

Yeah, most of us probably wouldn't.

But a group of brave passengers ignored the superstitions surrounding the so-called  "unluckiest day of the year"  and boarded a Finnair flight to HEL.

No, we`re not making this up, people!

To make things seriously freaky, the flight was branded with what`s known as the devil`s number. The mark of the beast, 666.

It took off for the last time from Copenhagen, Denmark to Helsinki, Finland.

Flight AY666 has flown that route regularly for 11 years and during those years, it`s reportedly flown on Friday the 13th twenty one times!

But a Finnair spokesperson says that flight number will now be a thing of the past.

Maybe it`ll make things a less frightening? Possibly, but where did all of these Friday the 13th beliefs come from?

Well, the number 13 is  considered to be the devil`s dozen.

Most hotels around the country don`t even have a thirteenth floor!

As for Friday the 13th , some say it`s biblical. There were 13 people at Jesus`s last supper before he was crucified.

Others say it  was in 1307, when the king of France ordered the slaughter of the knight`s Templar in his country on Friday the 13th.

But is it really an ill-fated day?

"If you think of a day as lucky, you are going to see all the good things that happen," psychic Diane Gremmel said. "And if you think of it as your unlucky day, you`re going to see the one or two not lucky things that happen, `I got caught in traffic because it was Friday the 13th'."

That sounds about right.

Hey, even flight 666 landed safely on Friday the 13th.

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