Doing colored contacts the SAFE way!

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PLANO, TX - Halloween is all about the parties, the jack-o-lanterns, the scares, and especially the costumes and all that goes with them.

But for one cat mom - being pawsome is a way of life!

"I'm a film-maker and I was researching a feature film, and I started an Instagram account for my cats, and then I became InstagramCatMom a paw-parazzi obsessed with my cat's pictures mmmm!" says Jessica Spawn.

And this year was extra puuuurfect, Dr Albert Pang with Trinity Eye Care helped her match her three fur-babies!

"I figured since I'm InstagramCatMom Paw-parazzi I should see the world through my cat's eyes, so I am. See? Ooooooooo!" Says Spawn.

Whether you're a year-round feline or you just dress up for the 31st, Dr. Pang says some color contacts could be cat-astrophic.

"It's dangerous in a sense for three reasons," he says, "number one, you don't know whether you're allergic to a certain type of material. Number two, You also want to make sure that the lenses are the right size and the right curvature to your eyes. Number three, I want to make sure that they're also sterilized and the lenses are put in silk packages so they will not be contaminated because a lot of time they may have stuff foreign in the package, you put in the eye and it can cause abrasion and an infection to the cornea."

If that's not enough to scare you this halloween, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has horror stories about teens being blinded by one time use or suffering blurry vision for the rest of their lives.

But fear not! If you want to be extra creative, there are options.

"If you have an eye doctor let them know!" says Dr. Pang. "There are good lenses that you can see from here that come in all different shapes, some of them come in your prescription. I want you to have safe fun, I don't want you to get into any risk that ruin your eyes and then you have a scar on your cornea forever."

Yeah, you don't wanna be the "dead eye" - for real...

So whether this halloween is about eating candy or "eye candy" Instagram Cat Mom has some parting tips: "Life is hard, so we should laugh more, we should wear cat eyes and have fun and know good doctors, and watch cat videos most importantly. Have fun, have safe fun, this meow-lloween!"

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