Bye bye cavities! New study shows Alzheimer’s drug can repair teeth

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LONDON, ENGLAND — Goodbye fillings, hello pearly whites!

Cavities can be a real pain in the tooth, but a new dental discovery might be changing that tune!

According to, an Alzheimer’s disease drug might actually help regrow your teeth. As some of us know, when you get a cavity you get a filling to close off the tooth, and pray to the tooth fairy you don’t get any more.

This new research soaked teeny tiny sponges in the Alzheimers drug, put it in the place where the filling would go, and voila! The tooth actually repaired itself within weeks.

Of course, this has only been tested on mice teeth so far, but things are looking good to start trying it out on people!

We could avoid all this toohtache by staying away from sweets, but hopefully this drug works out on us humans just in case.

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