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Sherin Mathews: Volunteers question why family isn’t searching for missing Richardson girl

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RICHARDSON- It's been five days since three-year-old Sherin Mathews was reported missing, and the community is still looking for answers.

"It just makes me sick," said one woman who travelled from Red Oak to help search.

Volunteers have come to look through the area where Sherin's father says he left the young girl, forcing her to stand outside alone at 3 a.m. for punishment.

"Not even as an adult, I would not be out here at 3 a.m.," the volunteer said in between searches. "And you leave your baby?"

The Mathews family has been relatively quiet during the search process.

So far, all statements have come through an attorney.

As times ticks on, the people committed to this search say they're going to keep looking for Sherin regardless of whether the family comes out to help.

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