Finally Free! Family held hostage by Taliban is coming home!

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PAKISTAN -- Freedom couldn't come fast enough for Caitlan Coleman, her husband, and their kids. They were all held hostage by the Taliban for several years.

The last piece of footage released by their captors last December, but that was not nearly the beginning of their Taliban terror.

Back in 2012, pregnant Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle, who is from Canada, took a trip to Afghanistan.

"I want to thank the Pakistani government, " Trump said at a Thursday presser. "They worked very hard on this and I believe they're starting to respect the United States again."

While touring the country, they were believed to be taken by one of the Taliban's most dangerous groups.

We don't know a lot about exactly went down the entire five years they were held up but the couple did have all three of their kids while they were in captivity.

A couple of days ago, President Trump teased a sign of peace with Pakistan.

"A year ago they would've never done that," Trump added. "It was a great sign of respect you'll probably be hearing about it over the next few days."

Last check, the family was still in Pakistan but they're expected to arrive in the states soon.

We're just hoping the story they're living to tell isn't as bad as what we've heard from other captives.

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