Mom claps back at moms shaming her over shopping cart items

A mom is clapping back at haters who shamed her for what was in her shopping cart at the grocery store.

Constance Hall, a blogger from Australia posted an image of her daughter sitting in the cart on Facebook.

Critics were immediately fixated on what was in the cart. Some pointing out there wasn’t a lot fresh produce. While others even criticized her for stacking the cart wrong.

Hall responded saying,

“Getting mum judged on your anti mum judging page. Then everyone attacks the judgey mum even though you`re an advocate for women sticking together.”

She continued,

‘The bananas and celery and carrots and potatoes and onions and garlic and mandarins and apples aren`t visible in this picture. Should i post the receipt?”

This whole mom-shaming thing happens far too often, even with celebrity moms.

Kelly Clarkson got flack for giving her daughter Nutella earlier this year. Actress Olivia Wilde was recently mom-shamed for kissing her son on the lips.

According to a 2017 survey from the University of Michigan, 61% of moms with young kids say they’ve been shamed for their parenting at some point.