Mic’s HOT: Trump’s got less than 24 hours to respond to Eminem’s freestyle!

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MIAMI-- Well, If there's any way to exercise your first amendment rights as one of the best rapper's alive, it's to freestyle.

Detroit, stand up, because Slim Shady sure did at the annual BET Hip Hop awards. It's safe to say he brought all the shade to this year's cypher.

For four minutes straight, bar after bar, he went in on number 45, President Donald Trump.

It didn't take long for Em to remind folks how vocal he's always been. The rapper even threw up the fist in support of Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, Ellen , Lebron and Rosie O' Donnell all tweeted in support of the rapper. One person we haven't heard from is Trump.

Considering Trump's "diss" record on Twitter, it isn't unlikely for him to respond. He did call Meryl Streep an "over-rated actress" when she threw shots at him during the Golden Globes.

So it could be three things:

  1. Trump doesn't watch BET.
  2. He's currently on the hunt for a ghost writer
  3. He's actually surprised about Em's diss.

Yeah, check out this video from back in the day. Trump was a YUGE fan of Slim Shady!

Since this might be a freestyle battle, it's only right we give Trump no more than 24-hours to respond!