Amazon buying old malls, making them new fulfillment centers

It looks like all those old malls that are no longer in use are being put to good use, and it’s all thanks to amazon.

The online retailer announced it’s opening its newest order fulfillment center inside a former shopping mall in Ohio.

It’s just one of 23 new fulfillment centers opening this year. In the last two years alone, at least 400 malls across the country have gone out of business because people are shopping more online.

A recent report estimates that a record 86 hundred stores will close in 2017 alone and between 20% and 25% of US malls are expected to close within the next five years.

With Amazon fulfillment centers expanding so quickly, the nation’s abandoned malls could provide the company with the real estate it needs.

Amazon isn’t the first business to take advantage of abandoned malls. Some have been transformed into condos, gyms, and even hockey rinks.