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Here’s how you can prevent your kid from getting LICE this Halloween!

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If Pennywise doesn't scare you, then how about  creepy crawlers, AKA, lice?!  It's something we all gotta look out for this Halloween.

"They're being transferred unknowingly from one person to another just by trying on different costumes particularly around this Halloween season," explains Alfred Johnson, D.O.

He says a quick costume change can quickly turn into a lice soiree on your scalp. Think about it this way: a person carrying head lice could try on a mask, wig, or even those cute little cat ears and can easily infect another person.

"You can transfer lice from one person to another if one person has it then it's transferred to that garment and then the next person may acquire that head lice," Johnson added.

Well, have no fear, the doc knows how to keep you from getting infected.

He says use "some sort of skull cap to protect yourself that you can take off and wash."

For example a swim, skull, or shower cap would suffice.

"Once you've been out trying on costumes go home shower well and just make sure from a cleanliness standpoint you've done all you can."

The only things you want to be scared of this Halloween are the ghosts, goons, and goblins!

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