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Brewery makes craft beer specifically for menopausal women

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NEW HAMPSHIRE -- A New Hampshire based craft beer brewery is trying to bring more women to the bar stool with their special ale for women. But not just women, menopausal women.

A far out idea that initially fell flat among their male regulars.

"You don't say the word menopause to young men without a yuck reaction" says Joanne Francis, co-owner of Portsmouth Brewery.

But the 58 year old co-owner, in the thick of her own menopausal battle, did not let the naysayers deter her from hopping into action.

Made with ingredients like chamomile, nettle and mother wart - herbs known to ease the symptoms of menopause, beer consultant Dr. Marylin Svihovec believes this batch will certainly rise to the occasion.

"Mother's Wart came in to reduce the stress in the system, which reduce a lot the symptoms, hormone imbalances" says Svihovec.

Six years in the making Francis and her 50 something pre and post menopausal friends gathered to celebrate "liberation" and taunt her male customers

So keeping with the theme of liberation ladies, raise your glasses for a toast "cheers to celebrating a new stage in life, with a chilled brew"

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