Dallas police officers putting boots on the ground in Puerto Rico…literally!

DALLAS -- The term "boots on the ground in Puerto Rico" has an extra meaning to the Dallas Police Association and Assist the Officer Foundation this week.

Police in San Juan, Puerto Rico pose in uniforms sent to them from Dallas by the Assist the Officer Foundation. (Courtesy Frederick Frazier)

"We're sending all these items," Assist the Officer Chairman Frederick Frazier told NewsFix, pointing to piles of goods in the DPA office.  Boots. Brand new boots from Bates to 511`s. "They're getting stuff that we use, and it's brand new."

With help from people and companies willing to donate as well as Southwest Airlines, the Assist the Officer Foundation is sending four Dallas officers with supplies straight to San Juan Wednesday morning.

That help and those goods are going directly to the officers and families who are part of the Blue Brotherhood.

"The job they do there is no different than the job we do here," Frazier said. "They're just in a different city."

Our Dallas officers know how important Police are on the island right now following the massive destruction of Hurricane Maria.

"If they lose their officers, who can just walk off, then they lose the island," Frazier said. "This is a morale boost. Sending things to them says, 'Hey, we're here for you.'"

A Police officer in San Juan, Puerto Rico directs traffic in a uniform sent from Dallas by the Assist the Officer Foundation. (Courtesy Frederick Frazier)

In fact, DPD already sent uniforms down recently on Mark Cuban's plane.

Frazier was pumped to see Puerto Rico's finest looking a little more Texan in pictures sent to him this week.

"I got a picture from one of them directing traffic yesterday, and I just couldn't believe it. He was wearing all of our stuff, and it just makes you feel good," he said.

Cops in Puerto Rico aren't the only ones who will benefit, either. The officers who are going have connections on the island so this trip will be a healing journey for them too.

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