Plot thickens for Harvey Weinstein as more women claim sexual assault

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NEW YORK -- Big time Hollywood movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, is starring in his own real life drama. He's been given the boot by the company he co-founded after claims of sexual assault.

According to the New York Times, Weinstein spent a lot of time sexually harassing women in Hollywood.

Actress Ashley Judd says decades ago she was called up to his hotel room where he asked her for a massage and invited her to watch him shower.

News anchor Lauren Sivan says Weinstein cornered her in an NYC restaurant where he began to touch himself in front of her.

"There's that feeling I'm sure that many women feel of shame," Sivan said in an interview with Megyn Kelly TODAY.  "Perhaps 'I did something to give him the wrong impression'."

The NY Times' report also claims Weinstein paid off his accusers in hopes they'd keep quiet.

Weinstein, who was active in politics, donated to many Democrats. At least eight senators have vowed to donate campaign contributions made by him to charity.

Long time friend and work partner, Meryl Streep, put in her two cents about Weinstein's allegations. She reportedly says she didn't know about his behavior and calls the women who've stepped forward "heroes" .

The Weinstein group's board put out a statement saying they've "informed" him that "his employment with the company is terminated, effective immediately."

Weinstein hasn't fessed up 100 % but he did admit he's "behaved" improperly during his career.

"He said immediately I'm not going to attack any of the women," Lisa Bloom said before she resigned  as his lawyer. "We're going to do this differently I'm willing to acknowledge I've made mistakes."

A story that Hollywood didn't even see coming! Guess we'll have to stay tuned to see how this drama ends.