Christopher Columbus Day changes to Indigenous People’s Day in Austin

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AUSTIN, TX -- It's Christopher Columbus Day. Well, for some people.

For others, they found celebrating Christopher Columbus day horribly offensive, so they went a different direction. Cities like Los Angeles and Seattle have done away with Columbus altogether and are replacing it with Indigenous People's Day!

"A fitting holiday that we can all be proud of. I couldn't be happier, and this is what happens when you engage in a process unafraid to move forward in the matter," Los Angeles City Council member Mitch O'Farrell said.

Austin, TX has joined the party, too! That's right, from now on, the holiday held on the second Monday of October will be a celebration for the Native American culture and its people.

"This is for me a celebration of who I really am, and be able to preserve that culture, but for me it's about learning my culture. A culture that I was never taught," one woman said.

Social media is abuzz with the holiday! Lots of people are tweeting "Happy Indigenous People's Day!"

Other's, well they were thinking about other things:

It seems some may have preferred it if Columbus never sailed the ocean blue in 1492, posting things like "The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace" as a way to forget about Columbus and remember the famous rapper: The Notorious B.I.G., Christopher Wallace.

Whatever you want to celebrate is up to you, but we can all agree, it's still on Monday and Monday's are the worst!