14 wildfires set Northern California ablaze

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SANTA ROSA, CA -- Not one, not two, but 14 wildfires swallowed up Northern California in a sea of flames that started Sunday night.

Over 57,000 acres spread across eight counties have been scorched. Wine country being hit the hardest.

"Most of these fires have limited or no containment. These are rapidly burning fires," California Fire Director Chief Ken Pinlott said.

High winds are the culprit, and aren't expected to die down that much," Chief Barry Bierman of the Napa Co. Fire Department said. "As of right now with these conditions, we can't get in front of this fire and do anything about the forward progress."

Over 1,500 buildings were burned to the ground and around 20,000 people have evacuated their homes.

"I drew my blinds and I just saw flames all up on the hill behind my house,"  evacuee Peggy Dvorak said. "So of course I panicked. I'm still shaking. I went out and they were screaming fire, fire, fire, get out, get out. I've got my cat in the car over there and that's about it."

So far, ten deaths have been reported, but more are expected to come.

"I think we've raised the bar again in California in terms of the conditions that we're facing and the destruction and devastation," Chief Pinlott said

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