Those paper towels Trump threw in Puerto Rico are (allegedly) up for grabs on Ebay!

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PUERTO RICO-- Right now, you can log on to Ebay and bid on the rolls of paper towels Donald Trump threw in Puerto Rico!

Earlier this week, President Trump took the trip to Puerto Rico. He observed Hurricane Maria's damage, shook hands with officials, and talked federal funding.

"Now, I hate to tell you Puerto Rico," Trump said Tuesday. "But you've thrown our budget a little out of whack,  because we've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico and that's fine, we've saved a lot of lives."

Well,  a "budget" isn't the only thing that's been "thrown."

Trump also worked on his shooting skills when he decided to toss paper towels to victims at a relief center. He was far from being Steph Curry 'with the shot.'  In fact, the media, and social media pretty much all thinks his "shot" is what's "out of whack".

But the trolling doesn't stop there.

Check out the bids going live on Ebay:

Buyer beware, some of these don't look like the same brand trump tossed into the crowd.

If you're over these paper towels. People have already been quite the (uh) "quicker-picker uppers" and made these Donald decals.


Instead of Jumpman, it's Trumpman!

Not a cool way to make light of this PR disaster but we have to say the internet is on a roll!