Plano school ‘Kindness Tree’ spreading love across social media after Vegas deadly shooting

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PLANO, TX. - In times of tragedy, sometimes you see the worst of people.

Other times, it can bring out the best in people.

In the wake of the deadly shooting in vegas - many have responded in a big way with posts of kindness and community across all social media platforms.

"I couldn`t believe that in just a day or two that many people had seen some little activity we did at our school," says Nicole Hatchet, Orchard School Assistant Director. On Tuesday, she posted this photo of their acts of Kindness Tree which they did for the October 4th "do something kind" day.

It`s been viewed thousands of times and branched out across different Facebook groups in DFW clearly resonating with people online searching for something good in the world.

"I just feel like remembering to be good, remembering to be kind, to just do what one person can do, maybe that will have a ripple effect."

Which seems to be a common theme for teachers in the area.

Whether it's cards, or trees, it's a beautiful thing to see. It almost goes without saying, the hearts on the trees aren`t the only ones to keep an eye on.

"Whether you share what`s really going on in the world with your family or not, I feel like just teaching from a young age just love and acceptance and forgiveness, you know those principles."

Because we all know - you may grow up, but you'll always have your roots.