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Investigators work through new evidence to find Vegas gunman’s motive

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A week ago the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign might've symbolized "good times" ahead! Now, just below it, sits a memorial representing the 59 victims who lost their lives Sunday night.

The FBI has spent the past week figuring out what led Stephen Paddock to shoot into a crowd of thousands at a music festival from his Mandalay Bay suite. Investigators are also wondering if "others" were in the room during his stay.

According to reports, they allegedly found a mobile phone charger in the room that doesn't match any of Paddock's cell phones.

Another key piece of evidence investigators find "boggling" is that during a time in which Paddock's car left the hotel garage,  one of his key cards was used to get into his suite.

Over the last couple of months Paddock reportedly booked rooms overlooking other festivals.

This list includes Lollapalooza in Chicago and the Life is Beautiful show near the Vegas strip, both attracting several thousand spectators every year.

But whatever stopped Paddock before, apparently didn't this time around.

Officials have obtained several dozens weapons, 1600 rounds of ammo, and materials to make bombs from his home, hotel and car.

They also pulled in Paddock's girlfriend for questioning when she came back from her trip to the Philippines. She allegedly told authorities she worried about his "mental stability."

With the FBI working around the clock and residents in mourning, what happened in Vegas will stay with the whole country for a long time.

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