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Big Tex appears in vintage X-Men comic book

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DALLAS TX - It's no secret, everybody loves the State Fair of Texas. But, does that even include the X-Men?

The comic book "Uncanny X-Men at the State Fair of Texas" seems to say they do.

"The State Fair of Texas is iconic," says Jonathan Alvarez, who owns a copy of the comic book. "If you read the comic book, it's pretty funny. The X-men themselves are amazed at how big the state fair is."

In this vintage comic, the X-Men head from the midway to the Cotton Bowl as they search for a new mutant who's been hanging out at the State Fair of Texas.

Guess mutants like corny dogs, too.

"It's really cool just to see Big Tex make a feature," Alvarez said.

The comic came out back in the 80s and runs for about $40 these days, which is actually a little pricey for a comic book.

And here's a little fact that you probably could have guessed on your own...Big Tex saves the day!

"Big Tex, he has the boot to scoot for sure," Alvarez joked.

Who knows when we'll get another superhero out at the fair, but maybe, there are already some mutants walking right next to you.

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