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Simon Says: Leaving Las Vegas, can we please stop all the fighting?

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All of us have our own way of coming to terms with what happened in Las Vegas.  Images you won’t forget, stories you’ll want to share.

But after a few days of taking it all in, the thought of Sumo wrestlers going at it wouldn’t stop popping in my head. Think about it, two big things fighting it out, and not a lot of room to move. That kind of symbolizes where we are as a country right now, because after Vegas, it didn’t take long for people on both sides of the gun debate to dig in and throw body shots.

It cost a lawyer for CBS her job after stereotyping republicans, and did you hear how Pat Robertson blamed the shooting on, "profound disrespect for our president."

We’re good at this kind of thing.  Picking a fight, throwing punches and verbal sparring. Pick your topic:  guns, healthcare, abortion, race relations, taxes, gender, bathroom bills, CNN, FOX…

Aren’t you exhausted with all this?  Issues of the day are not about solving things anymore, it’s just about getting the last word in and “feeling” like you’ve won!

Check it out, there’s a lot to read out there on this:

No one wins when there’s infighting. It doesn’t work in business, sports and, of course, politics.

But that’s the attitude right now:  win, win, win!! However, when was the last time someone you fought with said  “wait” and let’s figure this out?

So we’ll continue to target each other while other countries target us with hacks, sound waves, and rockets.  (Russia, Cuba, North Korea).

It’s easy to go after someone when they are distracted and fighting.  Especially in a country that’s not quite in a civil war, but it’s anything but civil.

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