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Millennials are wasting no time saving money for retirement

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Millennials are accused of being a lot of things like lazy, social media-obsessed and irresponsible.

But rich? That's right!

A new study says millennials are wasting no time saving money, especially if they have kids!

Yep,  the NerdWallet study looked at more than 2,000 American adults  and found that parents aged 18 to 34 put an average of 10 percent of their income toward retirement savings.

That's not all, they say millennial parents are actually on track for being richer retirees than Generation X and  Baby Boomer parents.

That's because Gen X parents are only saving  8 percent of their income and Baby Boomer parents are only putting aside five percent.

What a great way to clap-back at all the negative stereotypes, millennials!

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